Moving healthcare from reactive to proactive: the Prenuvo approach

October 25, 2023

At Prenuvo, we take our commitment to proactive whole-body screening seriously. In a healthcare system that often waits for patients to exhibit symptoms before offering treatment, we stand firm in our mission to detect potential health issues before they become crises. The statistics are sobering: in the United States, 86% of cancers diagnosed are undetected by recommended screening tests or don’t even have recommended screening tests. Early detection can be the difference between life and death or a prolonged, costly battle with illness.

We have refined our MRI hardware and proprietary software technology over the past 12+ years, invested heavily in research studies and papers and fine-tuned our process along the way. Our proactive approach involves conducting thorough scans that our radiologists, who are specialized in whole body screening, review and ensuring that our patients are well-informed and receive the appropriate follow-up care when necessary.

When we see something particularly concerning, it is our responsibility and in the service of our patients to be cautious and recommend a follow-up. When the follow-up confirms that a condition is not of critical concern, we’re the first to be happy for the patient, as most of them are.

To date, less than 1% of patients reported unnecessary follow-ups that caused anxiety — that’s according to an ongoing clinical initiative we’re conducting that includes a randomly selected group of 740 patients who had completed a Prenuvo scan before September 2022 and were willing to discuss in detail their clinical outcomes with us (1 year to allow for potential follow-ups and treatments to take place).

Our dedication to this process has alerted 1 in 20 patients to potentially life-saving findings on average. From our ongoing satisfaction surveys post-scan, over 95% of patients feel more peace of mind about their health having been screened at Prenuvo or grateful to have caught something early enough for high-success chances of treatment.

If you’re curious about whether a whole body scan is suitable for you and how it can impact your overall health, we encourage you to read a deeper dive into our technology here.

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