Introducing the breakthrough Prenuvo scan

Live a life free of advanced disease

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Our goal is to help you lead a life free of advanced disease

Our clinical quality, comprehensive MRI scan is designed to catch cancer and other major illness before symptoms even present when it can be most easily treated.

When you should consider a Prenuvo scan?


A previous cancer diagnosis or a history of cancer or other major illness in your family increases your risk


If you know that you carry a genetic mutation (eg. BRCA, Lynch) that increases your cancer risk


If you experience prolonged pain or feel unwell for a long period of time and your doctor cannot help

What does a Prenuvo scan involve?

  • A simple scan up to 70 minutes in our very spacious MRI machine
  • No radiation or contrast (unlike CT, X-ray)
  • 1600 anatomical and functional images and 19 tissue densities
  • Professional radiologist review and report
  • A risk assessment to put together a plan for periodic follow up
  • Referral to leading specialists should anything require further attention
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What people are saying about the Prenuvo scan

The scan helped save my mother’s life. Discovered an asymptomatic brain aneurysm that was consequently treated preventatively. This technology is a game changer in preventative health.


I had something persistently bothering me in my lower abdomen that my doctor couldn't help with. During my scan they found something in my colon that would have killed me if untreated. A little preventative scan can go a long way!


The first scan was a little scary, like visiting the dentist after forgetting for several years, but after I got a clean bill of health I know I'll be doing it every year so I never wake up one day with advanced disease.


It wasn't expensive at all compared to a normal MRI - and they scan almost your entire body. And now I have peace of mind about my health at a time when every day I spend with my family is very precious to me.


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