Healthcare with humans in mind

We’ve engineered the Prenuvo experience for speed, accuracy, and safety — with your comfort at the core.

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An MRI like no other

Optimized hardware

We work closely with top MRI manufacturers to configure our machines for diagnostic-quality, whole body imaging.

Optimized software

Our software acquisition protocols & calibration provide this multi-parametric diagnostic yield in under one hour.

Future enhancements with AI

We’re actively investigating AI for even better quantification and accuracy, longitudinal tracking over routine scans, and medical research breakthroughs.

We empower our radiologists to give you the very best insights

The human touch

Every Prenuvo report is carefully interpreted and reported by a radiologist. They’ll also provide helpful context in the report for you and your doctor.

Your health as a whole

Our radiologists are specialized in whole body screening, rather than simply focusing on individual organs. This means you get holistic insights that keep your entire health in mind.

Tailored technology

We continually develop our radiology tools specifically for radiologists, making it easier for them to conduct screenings and assess your risks accurately.

Lie back and relax

We’ve designed the scan to significantly reduce anxiety that people might expect from an MRI.

Our machines have a spacious chamber, and you can speak with our technologists at any time during the scan.

You can also listen to auditory beats from HealthTunes or watch your favorite show. Just don’t pick anything with a cliffhanger — you’re all done in under an hour.

What to expect

What we scan for

We check for hundreds of conditions, including most solid tumors at Stage 1, and silent killers like aneurysms. Here are some of the conditions we can catch:

a card with a bladder
a card with a liver
a card with arteries
a card with a liver
A card with an image of vertebrae
a card with heart vessels
A card showing organs
a card with a brain
a card with a spinal segment
a card with a liver
a card with an icon of a brain
a card with an icon of a bladder
a card with an icon of a liver
a card with an icon of a brain

The healthcare system needs to catch up

1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime.1

But only 4 types of cancers are generally recommended for regular screening.2

Yet only 14% of diagnosed cancers are detected by those screenings.3

The other 86% are either not caught by screening or don’t have screening tests.4

But catching cancers at stage 1 can increase the chance of survival. With Prenuvo, patients can be alerted to conditions before symptoms appear – and when the chance of a cure is highest.

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
| 2, 3, 4. NORC at the University of Chicago. (2022). Percent of Cancers Detected by Screening in the U.S. Available at

Why Prenuvo?
Because we’re voxel visionaries

Voxels are the 3D pixels that our software builds, based on the MRI data we capture. Our expertise on this process is so deep, we’ve literally written the standards on it.

Voxels captured
in 50 minutes

At Prenuvo, we can acquire far more voxels at a diagnostic-quality signal-to-noise ratio compared to the average scan, in a fraction of the time.

Different tissue

Prenuvo scans as much as 5 times more weightings, helping radiologists determine if a lesion is benign or concerning, greatly reducing the rate of false positives.

Number of voxel-averages acquired

Prenuvo scans have unmatched image quality. Our whole body study comprises 181M voxel-averages of DWI imaging, while the average scan can acquire between 1.8–44M

New discoveries every day

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