A simple scan that can detect cancer and major disease

Price and availability

Conditions that a Prenuvo scan can find

Our breakthough MRI scan can detect 9 of the top 10 cancers as well as many major diseases that can affect your health.

And all at an early stage when interventions are most effective

How to tell if a Prenuvo scan is right for you

Prenuvo is designed to be a broad preventative scan for cancer and major disease in people who do not necessarily have any adverse symptoms of illness.

So you don't need symptoms to get a scan - in fact, just as you might visit your dentist every year to reduce the chance of cavities a Prenuvo scan can reduce the likelihood of a major disease or cancer becoming advanced before it is discovered.

The type of patients that find a scan valuable include:

You are over 45, thus broadly increased risk of all disease, particularly cancer

You have BRCA/Lynch genetic mutations, so much higher cancer risk

You have a family history of cancer, aneurysms, dementia or major illness

You have a previous history of cancer, which can significantly increases risk

You have persistent pain that is not explained to your satisfaction by your doctor

You have a persistent feeling there is something wrong with your health

You have a history of major surgery or have received a donor organ

You are worried about cancer or a major illness and want peace of mind

What is involved

A Prenuvo scan is a simple, quick and, most importantly, safe medical scan.

1. Book an appointment

Once you have determined that a Prenuvo scan is right for you, contact us to book an appointment at a clinic near you.

We know that your time is valuable and are working to make extended hours available and open additional locations in order to be able to offer our services for a greater number of people. You can book appointments up to 6 months in advance.

2. Prepare on the day

To prepare, we recommend that you limit yourself to liquids for 4 hours before the scan. This ensures we can obtain a clear image.

As an MRI involve strong magnetic fields you should remove from your body any piercings. Any metal brought into the MRI room can damage both you and the MRI equipment.

3. Undertake the scan

If you haven't done an MRI scan before it can feel a bit daunting. But 95% of people after the experience claim that it was a piece of cake! Our MRI machines have a large diameter hole and are relatively short which means much of the time your head is outside the machine.

During the scan the table you are lying on will be moving and you will hear a lot of loud hammer-like noises. This is quite normal -simply the magnet configuring to take a new picture. After a while they will become background noise.

4. Get your results

Your results will be reviewed by a qualified radiologist who has been specially trained by our Chief Medical Officer to review and interpret whole body MRI images.

The radiologist will produce a detailed report that will indicate any medically relevant features or diagnoses that might require further followup. They will also document any benign features that might help prevent a misdiagnosis in the future.

Your scan findings together with your medical history, family history and ethnicity will then help us determine a follow up plan that is personalized to you.

Don't wait until it is too late. Stay on top of your health.

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