Great employers value and invest in their people.

According to Harvard Business Review the most desirable employee benefits are health related. According to the 2018 Global Talent Trends survey by Mercer, one in two employees would like to see a greater focus on their personal well-being at the company they work for.

But seven in ten employees do not value a traditional executive health checkup that can cost employers thousands, even when it is provided to them for free.


Prenuvo is precision health for your employees.

A Prenuvo scan can help diagnose and catch up to 338 cancers and major diseases at an early stage when treatment is easiest and most effective.

It is comprehensive, preventative and precise which is why hundreds of executives trust it for their own annual checkups.


We partner with employers to keep employees happy, productive and, above all, healthy.
  • Employer Testimonails

    In our industry we are exposed to chemicals that can increase cancer and respiratory risk. Preventative screening like Prenuvo is important to maintaining a healthy workforce.

    JamesMining company
  • Employer Testimonails

    As a health business ourselves we very much value the health of our staff. We have tried a number of programs and are really impressed how comprehensive and actionable Prenuvo is.

    LindaHealthcare company
  • Employer Testimonails

    A member of my team told me about Prenuvo and I decided to try it myself. I was fascinated by what I could learn about myself and my health and recommended it for all my executives.

  • Employer Testimonails

    We happened to be located close to their Vancouver clinic and I walked by one day. I'm curious so got scanned, and immediately saw how this could help our collegues with their health.

  • Employer Testimonails

    We used to have a $4000 annual executive checkup but found it more like a spa day than an investment in health. I'm so grateful that a company like Prenuvo exists in Vancouver.

    ShannonLegal firm
  • Employer Testimonails

    I have a family history of breast cancer so preventative screening has always been important. Prenuvo removes any niggling fears I have about my health that make it hard to give 100% of myself.

    BrynnMedical center

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