Frequently asked questions

You will find here a lot of questions that have previously been asked by customers. If you don't find your question here, chat with us on this page or give us a call, and we would be happy to help.

Appointments and booking (18)

How do make an appointment?
What are your hours of operation?
Are you opened on the weekends?
How long do I have to wait to get a scan?
How far in advance can I book an appointment?
Do I need a referral?
Can I book an appointment for someone else?
Can I buy a gift certificate for a scan?
Yes, please contact us on +1-604-227-3000 or to organize a gift certificate that you can give you a friend or loved one. We think this is the best gift you can give someone — the possibility of saving their lives through early detection of any cancers or disease.
What if I need special accommodations for my appointment?
Do you offer financing?
Do you accept credit card payments?
Do you accept personal cheque or cash?
Do you take a deposit to secure an appointment?
Is the deposit refundable or transferable?
What if I need to change my appointment?
I arrived and found out I am claustrophobic. Can I get my money back?
Are there size of weight restrictions for doing a Prenuvo scan?
Can I do an MRI if I am pregnant (or think I might be pregnant)?

Safety (15)

Can I be scanned if I have a pacemaker?
Can I have an MRI if I have an intracranial aneurysm clips?
Can I have an MRI if I have a cochlear implant?
Can I have an MRI if I have a prosthetic implant?
Can I be scanned if I have an implantable infusion pump?
Can I have an MRI if I have an implanted neurostimulators?
Can I have an MRI if I have an IUD?
Can I have an MRI if I I worked in the metal industry?
Can I have an MRI is I have epilepsy?
Do dental implants get affected by MRIs?
Can I have an MRI if I have fillings or gold teeth?
Can I have an MRI if I have tattoos?
Does your MRI use radiation?
Are the radio-waves used in the MRI safe?
ADo you use contrast in your MRIs?

Day of scan (13)

Can I eat anything on the day of the scan?
I forgot I had to fast and I ate something. Is it a problem?
Are there any restrictions on what I can drink on the day of the scan?
How should I dress for the scan?
Where do I put my belongings at the clinic?
Is there anything dangerous is shouldn't bring into the MRI room?
What should I do about jewelry or piercings?
What should I expect during the scan?
What if I am claustrophobic?
Can I move when I am on the machine?
Is it possible to have a bathroom break during the scan?
Will I learn anything the day of the scan?

Insurance and health system (6)

Is this covered by the health system?
Is this covered by extended insurance?
Is the scan tax-deductible?
Do I have to add GST to my Prenuvo scan?
Will the scan results will be put in to his medical records?

Radiology (7)

Can you tell me more about the Chief Radiologist at Prenuvo?
Who interprets my images?
What medical association is the clinic associated with?
How long does the radiology take to be completed?
What does the medical report contain?
What does the patient report contain?
Does your clinic provide referals to top professional specialist and doctors locally and abroad?


How are you different to other whole body MRI services?
Can you tell me more about your false positive rate?
Is your scan more accurate than a PET scan?
How does your scan compare to 3T MRIs?
Approximately what percentage of customers get an "all-clear" result?
Is there an age you recommend people be screened by/around?
What is the difference between a CT scan and an MRI?
What is the difference between an ultrasound and an MRI?
Is a CT or MRI better at finding tumors?
What specific sequences do you use in the Prenuvo scans?

Coverage (6)

How can you detect Alzheimer?
How effective is the Prenuvo scan for breast cancer versus mammography?
How does your company and the clinic manage any and all information gathered from your clients and or patients?
Why don't you image the heart in great detail?
If you don't image the heart in great detail, what can you tell me about my heart disease risk?
If I do a Prenuvo scan do I still need to do a colonoscopy?

Privacy (3)

What is your clinic’s policy on protection of privacy for your clients and the person receiving the scans?
Does your clinic retain a copy of the scans and/or store that information?