Hear from our patients

Thousands of people have visited Prenuvo and many of our customers have a story to tell about how we have helped them lead a better, healthier life. Here are just a few of their stories.

Our advanced MRI screening, now known as the Prenuvo scan, is the result of over a decade of examinations, interactions and collaboration with both patients and healthcare experts. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people be proactive and informed about their health.

Dr Raj Attariwala MD
Genetic predisposition


Loves skiing. The Prenuvo scan diagnosed a severe cervical spine issue which greatly increases the risk of paralysis from a ski fall.

Genetic predisposition


Never smoked a day in her life, but we found Stage 1 lung cancer at a time when treatment was possible.

Genetic predisposition


Has lived for 45 years without ever knowing he has a 20cm horse-shoe kidney, a largely benign but rare condition.

Genetic predisposition


Has abdominal pains and a family history of ovarian cancer (mother) hence feared she may also have ovarian cancer. The Prenuvo scan ruled out ovarian cancer. We diagnosed a herniated (slipped) disc as the likely cause of this pain.

Genetic predisposition


Found a large benign liver FNH. She avoided a painful biopsy if they were to see that on a liver ultrasound and fear the worst.

Genetic predisposition


The Prenuvo scan found a slightly concerning cystic thyroid lesion. We are monitoring this every twelve months to ensure that it does not change in size or composition.

Genetic predisposition


The Prenuvo scan detected evidence of fatty liver disease despite his relatively normal BMI and regular exercise regimen.

Genetic predisposition


After years of intestinal problems severely impacting quality of life, we diagnosed severe colitis.

Genetic predisposition


Two months after a negative mammogram we found a stage 1 high grade breast cancer. Subsequent ultrasound guided biopsy led to a lumpectomy. No chemotherapy or mastectomy was required due to the early detection.

Genetic predisposition


We detected a benign brain tumor (meningioma) which has most likely been present for years. Annual Prenuvo surveillance is all that is required to monitor growth.

Genetic predisposition


The Prenuvo scan detected a large hemorrhagic cyst in the kidney. On the third annual scan this cyst changed composition due to the development of malignant characteristics. Because of the regular interval, detection of change was fast, leading to early intervention.

Genetic predisposition


We detected a pancreatic head tumor at a time when it could be successfully treated with a Whipple procedure.

NB: All cases are real, though some names/images have been changed for confidentiality.