A Prenuvo scan outperforms other modalities

A Prenuvo scan is the most comprehensive scan available that does not irradiate the body and is therefore appropriate for screening and disease diagnosis.

A Prenuvo scan is the most comprehensive imaging study available and can't be compared to what is commonly called 'whole body MRI'. The hardware, acquisition, software as well as the scan speed, coverage and detail is fundamentally different from anything else available. The Prenuvo images are fully diagnostic, noninvasive and have the level of detail that meets or exceeds what is considered diagnostic by accepted body and neuro MRI standards. A baseline Prenuvo scan is extraordinarily helpful at providing key insights into areas of your body not otherwise visible and a follow up Prenuvo scan serves as a way to ensure no worrisome findings have developed; often before their symptoms become apparent.

Dr Raj Attariwala MD

Comparison with other full body imaging modalities

Here we compare the Prenuvo scan against standard whole-body MRI as well as other imaging modalities frequently used for screening.
Standard MRI

Standard WB MRI

Most MRI scanners are very narrow, long tunnels. It is not unusual to feel claustrophobic during the procedure. Without the ability to run advanced sequences, they tended to be highly sensitive to finding abnormalities but not great at differentiating benign and malignant tumors. This high level of false positives made traditional MRI ineffective as a screening test.


CT scanner

A CT scan is great for showing different densities in organs. Unfortunately, benign and cancerous lesions in the body do not greatly differ in their densities. The best screening utilization of a CT scan is to assess coronary artery calcifications. As CT increases your risk of all radiation-induced cancers, CT is not recommended for periodic screening.


PET-CT Machine

PET scans are primarily used to stage a cancer after it is found. It does this by measuring how metabolically active a tumor is. In other words, how fast it will eat sugar. PET-CT scans combine a radioactive injection and a CT scan to create the images, both of which subject a patient to radiation. PET scans are limited in their utility in detecting low metabolically active cancers such as cancer of the bile ducts and gallbladder. It is also limited in assessing the kidneys and bladder for cancer since the radioactive contrast is excreted through the renal system, potentially masking tumors. PET-CT is not approved as a screening tool for these reasons.


Annual doctor's physical

Many of us have an annual physical because we care about our health, our employer requires it, or our insurance provider pays for it. The problem with annual physicals is that they are typically very cursory, which is why most studies have shown them to be ineffective.

Over thousands of scans we have been amazed to find abnormal features that are as large as a football that are missed by routine screening.


Genetic disease screen

At Prenuvo, we are big believers in the power of genetics to provide insights into your health. For a small number of diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease genetics play a large role. In fact, we do offer genetic testing to customers who come in for a scan.

However, taken alone, genetic testing only tells you something about your risk, not whether you have the disease.