If you are religious about visiting the dentist, you'll find religion in Prenuvo

If you are religious about visiting the dentist, you'll find religion in Prenuvo

Did you know that two hundred years ago if you had acute pain in a tooth you would visit your barber to get the tooth extracted? About 100 years ago Colgate introduced the first toothpaste, and in the last 50 years it has become common wisdom to have a regular check-up with a dentist. This checkup would identify problem areas, before any decay or gum problem had proceeded to point where it caused a much more serious (and painful) dental problem. We don't always like going to the dentist, but we understand why it is important.

Two hundred years ago cancer was primarily detected by a process of palpation. What is palpation, you may ask? Palpation is where a doctor would run his or her hands over your body, poke and prod a little, feeling for any lumps that felt out of place. Shockingly, you probably know what I am talking about! In fact, with the exception of breast cancer and colon cancer, this continues to be the primary way that doctors look for cancer. This, in spite of all the medical advances of the last 200 years!

What is even more scary is that many cancers offer almost no symptoms until they are quite advanced. Ovarian, pancreatic and lung cancer are considered particularly deadly, not because they are necessarily more difficult to treat, but because they are very rarely found early through poking and prodding.

At Prenuvo we knew there had to be a better way and we have been spending the last ten years researching a 21st century approach using MRI. Backed by hundreds of clinical studies, our scan is safe, effective and easy to take in our clinic in Vancouver. Our mission is ambitious, we want to rid the world of advanced disease by detecting it early when treatment is easiest and most successful.

Prenuvo is a scan that you can take every year to reduce significantly the likelihood that you wake up one day discovering you have an advanced condition.

Just like a regular dentist visit ensures that you have no cavities!

Welcome to the future of health, welcome to Prenuvo.

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Testimonials from customers

Posted by Andrew Lacy
I'm a longevity junkie and CEO of Prenuvo, Inc. I came to Vancouver as a customer when I hear about this clinic that was doing breakthrough cancer screening and stayed to help figure out how to bring the Prenuvo experience to the rest of the world.

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