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The current healthcare system is designed to treat illness, not prevent it. But you deserve to know what’s going on in your body — even before symptoms appear.

At the heart of our work are thoughtfully designed clinics and cutting-edge optimized MRI hardware and software. Coupled with our AI research and the largest database of whole body imaging in the world, Prenuvo lets you experience the future of proactive health, today.

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1 in 20 scans result in a potentially life-saving diagnosis 1
“It’s just one hour.
What about the rest of your life?”
Dr. Andrea A.

1. This reflects in particular combined prevalence of radiologically-suspected pre-cancerous/cancerous-findings or brain-aneurysms in our WB-MRI screening practice

Get the full picture

At Prenuvo, we offer today’s leading whole body scan. It captures millions of data points from head-to-ankle, including major organs, brain, and spine

Whole Body Scan

60 min.
60 min.
Our most comprehensive scan that assesses your head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and legs. Get checked for:
  • Solid tumors
    (as early as stage 1)
  • Auto-immune disorders
    (such as MS detection)
  • Metabolic disorders
    (for example, fatty liver, hemochromatosis)
  • Brain aneurysms
  • Non-cancerous conditions such as cysts, hematomas, hemangiomas, and abscesses
  • Does not include a detailed heart screening.
  • Spinal degeneration and other problems

We also offer scans for Torso, and Head & Torso. Pick the one that works for you and your budget — all the scans are FSA/HSA eligible.
Interest-free payment plans are also available.

Why get a scan?

Unexplained symptoms

For unexplained pains or symptoms that evade diagnosis, Prenuvo can offer clues — or provide additional peace of mind.

Genetic and family history

Your family history affects your health risks. 
A Prenuvo scan can help you keep an eye on conditions you may be particularly worried about.

Proactive health mindset

With regular scans, we can track changes over time. This means we can detect unusual changes early, increasing the chance of effective treatment.

We’re closer than you think

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Approximately what percentage of customers get an "all-clear" result?

Nearly all of us have some degree of imaging “abnormalities'' and findings. In many cases, these may reflect typical aging-related changes, “wear-and-tear” degenerative changes, or physical changes related to lifestyle or other modifiable risk-factors, which may not be directly clinically actionable right away but may be associated with development of clinically-significant disease over the long-term.

For example, as a generation of people who spend a lot of time sitting (using computers, cell phones, watching TV) we diagnose some degree of spine degeneration in almost everyone. In other situations, many of us have benign lesions, which can often be characterized as such with a high level of confidence (or specificity) based on their MRI features as seen on the Prenuvo screening scan; and while often termed “incidental” imaging findings, by having these documented at the time of healthy baseline (which can then be used as a basis for future comparisons) it both minimizes the chance that those benign findings are not mistaken for something more serious later on as well enables the chance to detect potential more subtle-but-concerning changes over time.

Do Prenuvo scans use ionizing radiation or contrast dyes?

Prenuvo scans do not expose you to harmful ionizing radiation that other imaging methods (X-rays, CT scans, PET scans) use. Prenuvo scans also don't use intravascular contrast dyes.

Are there any restrictions on what I can drink on the day of the scan?

Yes. You can drink water, tea or black coffee. Depending on the scan you are taking, you will be in the MRI machine for up to 75 mins, so we recommend that you visit the restroom before going in.

What does a Prenuvo report contain?

We produce a detailed medical report for your physician that walks them through every system and organ in the body and identifies any abnormal findings we identify. This is produced in a format that they are familiar with.

Do I need a referral for a Prenuvo scan?

For US clinics, we do not require a referral. For Canadian clinics, you will need a referral.

If you require, we can arrange a referral from an independent medical practitioner at no cost to you. It may seem like an unnecessary requirement, but it exists to look after you in the event there is a serious medical finding. A medical practitioner can additionally assist you in understanding and contextualizing the findings in your Prenuvo scan report.