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31 May 2019 | Cancer, Media

Sometimes feeling tired can be a symptom of something more dangerous

Sometimes feeling tired

Most mothers will tell you that raising children can take a lot, if not all, of your energy. Life as an endless series of nappy changes, sleepless nights, teething, and getting children ready for bed takes its toll. But when is the inevitable tiredness simply “parenting” and when it is a sign of something more sinister lurking within?

At 37 years of age, Renu was the proud mother of four children under the age of 7. As you can imagine, raising four children required a lot of energy. Renu worked hard but found herself getting more and more exhausted. She went to her doctor, not once but several times, to see if there was anything wrong with her. And her doctor did what most doctors would do - told her to stop worrying, that she was just tired from the children. One year later Renu was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and ultimately passed away leaving her husband to raise their children.

Unexplained fatigue is one of the most common warning signs of cancer. Not just occasional tiredness but fatigue that just doesn’t seem to go away despite adequate sleep. Cancers can increase your body’s need for energy, weaken your muscles, cause damage to certain organs (such as liver, kidney, heart or lungs) or alter your body’s hormones, all of which may contribute to fatigue. Cancer also sometimes releases chemicals into your blood stream that can make you tired.

Prenuvo was started with a simple mission - to offer an MRI-based scan to catch anything earlier, often before any symptoms even present. A scan that you can take every year to check the inside of your body even when you feel fine, in the same way that you visit the dentist to check your teeth even when you have no tooth pain.

Backed by hundreds of clinical studies, our scan is safe, effective and accurate.

Andrew Lacy

Posted by Andrew Lacy

Founder & CEO


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