Behind Prenuvo is a story almost everyone can relate to

Reenu was the childhood friend of our founding radiologist, Dr Raj Attariwala, and his wife.

Reenu was a young mother of four young children. Frequently tired, she went to her doctor, not once but several times, to see if there was anything wrong with her.

Her doctor did what most doctors would do - told her to stop worrying, that she was just tired from raising four young children.


One year later Reenu was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic colon cancer. She died at the age of 37, leaving behind her four children under the age of 10.

This tragedy gave Dr Attariwala purpose, to both honor the memory of Reenu and to help ensure that others do not suffer the same fate. Out of pain and suffering was born the scan that today is Prenuvo.


Prenuvo's mission, simply put, is to "Prevent another Reenu"

It is a simple but powerful idea. One scan. Once a year. To rule out any medical surprises and deal with any findings earlier when they can be easily treated. Think of it like going to the dentist but for the rest of your body!

Think how different that would make the health system. How much money could be saved by not having to treat chronic disease and late stage cancer?

Then think what it means for your family.

The best life insurance is Prenuvo.