A Prenuvo scan is appropriate for almost everyone

Because our scan is safe and effective, it is appropriate for a wide range of people.

Check if Prenuvo right for you?

People come to Prenuvo for a wide range of reasons, here you will find just some of them.
Older people

Getting olderDisease risk increases with age.

You are getting older, and your immune system is weakening and may fail to target precancerous cells. Chronic diseases, which often have a basis in changes that build up over time also start to take their toll.

Family connection

Family history of diseaseBecause family history affects risk.

You have several instances of cancer or major disease in your family. This can be as a result of genes that you share or because you tend to be exposed to the same environment or lifestyle.

Genetic predisposition

A genetic predispositionYour genes might increase risk.

You know or suspect you have a genetic predisposition to cancer or disease and therefore want to screen more aggressively with a non-radiatating image modality.

Previous cancer

Have cancerCheck for treatment response.

You want to be able to stage your cancer and measure treatment response over time, without subjecting your body to more radiation from a PET or CT machine.

Cancer re-occurence

Fear re-occurencePrevious cancer can come back.

You are worried that your previously treated cancer might reoccur, even at a site away from the primary cancer. A Prenuvo scan can help monitor for any re-ocurrence over time.

Unexplained pain

Unexplained painIt worries you, and it could be something.

Nothing eats at you more than an unexplained pain. You want it diagnsed if it is serious, but equally you want peace of mind if it is not.

Proactive about health

Proactive about healthYou get early detection, and embrace it.

You go to the dentist for your teeth periodically even without symptoms. A Prenuvo scan is like a dentist visit but for the rest of your body.

Proactive about health

Want health peace of mindYou want your life to be free from worries.

You fear that one day your life will be disrupted by an unexpected diagnosis of advanced cancer or disease. A periodic Prenuvo scan can minimize the likelihood of that happening.

Bad lifestyle choices

Life course-correctionYou have made bad lifestyle choices.

Many of us make bad life choices - be it smoking, stress, too little sleep, no exercise. You want to know how you health has been affected and if it is time to start making major life corrections.

Some common issues around appropriateness of a Prenuvo scan

We can work with many of these issues below, don't hesitant to reach out and discuss them with us.

You have a pacemaker

At present we are unable to image a customer with a pacemaker. There is a possibility that an MRI machine will reset a pacemaker. New approaches to imaging with pacemakers are being investigated every year so check back at another time.

You have metal inserted in your body that isn't MRI safe

The vast majority of metal implants are made with a metal such as titanium or surgical grade steel that is safe for use with an MRI, particularly if it has been implanted in the last 20 years. Let is know, sometimes we need to check.

You were a metal worker or have metal in your eyes

Some people work in industries that expose them to metal shavings that might become lodged in the eye. This does not disqualify you from am MRI but you might need to get a head x-ray to confirm that there are no metal-fragments that could be dangerous when you are in the machine.

You aren't ambulatory

Our facilities are ADA accesible and we have experience imaging patients who are not ambulatory. Just let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements.

You are or suspect you might be claustrophobic

Good news is that the MRI machines we use are the most comfortable to be imaged in. The bore of the machine is quite wide and short so that you end up spending a lot of time outside of the machine.

We are able to help patients who suspect that they might have difficulties by prescribing a light sedative (eg Ativan). Other patients self-medicate with a small amount of THC.

Our experienced MRI technicians are there with you throughout the scan and are happy to talk you through the process to reduce anxiety.

You have had surgery in the last eight weeks

We like to check with you about your surgery particularly if it left surgical staples in your body. We want to be able to acquire high quality images safely and so sometimes it is worth waiting a few weeks.