What is involved in taking a Prenuvo scan

Above all, we want our patients to have a great experience, and so we want you to be informed about what is involved in getting a Prenuvo scan. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to our helpful Care team.

Informed by thousands of patients over the years, we have developed a process for imaging you that is comfortable and effective for obtaining high quality images of your body.

Wayne Picker, Head MRI Technologist

Step by step through a Prenuvo scan

A walkthrough of the entire Prenuvo scan experience.

1. Medical history

Your Prenuvo experience starts with taking detailed information about your medical history, family history and symptoms through our mobile and desktop website.

We use your information to ensure that the scan you have chosen can help with any questions or concerns you may have. We will sometimes take an additional sequence of a problem area if it is helpful. And we are made aware of anything in your history that might counter-indicate an MRI or affect the accuracy of our findings.

Medical History

2. Practitioner review

An independent medical practitioner then reviews your information to ensure that an MRI is appropriate for you.

If you are suffering from acute symptoms related to one part of the body, the practitioner may suggest other tests as an alternative or additional measure, or a dedicated MRI rather than a Prenuvo scan.

Sometimes the practitioner will call you to discuss the scan but many times this is not necessary.

Practitioner review

3. Day of scan preparation

To prepare, we recommend that you limit yourself to liquids for 4 hours before the scan. This ensures we can obtain clear, high-quality images.

An MRI involve strong magnetic fields, so you should remove from your body any piercings. Any metal brought into the MRI room can damage both you and the MRI equipment.

Day of scan preparation

4. MRI tech briefing

One of our experienced MRI techs will walk you through the scan and what it involves.

We will check again to make sure that there are no safety contra-indications for having an MRI scan that day and ensure that they understand well your medical history, so they can make adjustments to your scan as it is being conducted.

MRI tech briefing

5. Get into the machine

It is now time to get into the machine and be scanned. We will be attaching some special coils over your body that are designed to read signals from each part of your body as it is being scanned. This is so that we can obtain the best quality images possible in a much faster amount of time.

Getting in the machine

6. Scanning and monitoring

Now that you are in we are ready to scan you. You scan will take from 25 minutes to 75 minutes depending on the scan package that you are doing.

Your MRI tech will be on hand to monitor the process throughout. You can speak with them or you can relax and listen to music - whatever makes you the most comfortable.

At one point during the scan you will be required to hold your breath a few times to help us obtain really nice images of your abdomen.

Monitoring during the scan

7. Radiologist reading

A Prenuvo trained radiologist (one of the very few in the world who can read our whole body scans) will then look through up to 2000 images that we took during your scan.

Within 5-10 business days the review will be complete your results will be ready.


8. Your Prenuvo report

Once completed your Prenuvo scan is released. Your doctor will receive a medical report the goes through every organ that we scanned and (when launched this summer) you will receive web and mobile access to your report and images.

If there are serious findings (for example, cancer) we will have called your doctor to walk them through the findings.


9. Follow up and specialist recommendations

Should you need further assistance we will recommend doctors and specialists in your area.

Your groundbreaking Prenuvo experience is complete.