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Our team is made up of people with deep expertise and a passion for using proactive healthcare to make a difference in people’s lives. Meet our team and learn what makes us proud to be a part of Prenuvo.

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"I'm excited to facilitate the shift from reactive to proactive healthcare and to help improve lives."

Sam Hashemi

Head of AI

"Empowering patients to take charge of their health, through preventative screening."

Tatianna Duncan

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"What you're looking for is not out there, it is in you."

Sydney Stone

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"I'm driven by knowing that I play a part in the desire to look after one's health."

Sean Jensen

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"I look forward to the day where you can get a Prenuvo scan in any city around the world!"

Nasif Choudhury

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"Giving patients the ability to be in control of there health."

Matthew Devenish

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"I'm inspired by being a part of something meaningful and making an impact on people's lives."

Mary Scott

Patient Care Concierge

"I am inspired by the impact that peace of mind can have on the quality of people’s lives."

Lawrence Austin

Lead Prenuvo Consultant

"Helping people benefit from the Prenuvo scan is extremely rewarding and motivates me everyday."

Kenny Reynolds

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"I love by developing teams, building engaging cultures, and helping people make a difference."

Estelle Heimann

Head of People & Culture

"Its amazing to help grow a company that is changing the way we approach healthcare for the better!"

Chris Lau

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"I want to make a positive impact on the world, and I am blessed that I get do it through my work."

Calisha Fald

Patient Care Concierge

"I love helping as many people as I can!"

Brett Thorburn

Prenuvo Scan Consultant

"I am so blessed to work at Prenuvo. We are saving lives & providing peace of mind."

Amanda Pernatozzi

Patient Care Concierge

"I believe this is the future of preventative health care."

David Waterman

MRI Technologist

"Helping people and being a part of proactive healthcare is an exciting and rewarding experience!"

Erica Ferreira

Senior MRI Technologist

"Using AI to reshape the future of healthcare, and for saving more lives."

Ahmed Gouda

AI Engineer

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Raman Thiara

MRI Technologist

"To make a difference in people's health outcomes."

Shane Dawson

Senior Software Engineer

"Working with other techs that work hard and care about people, drives me to do the same."

Vu Nguyen

MRI Technologist

"I'm motivated to help patients know more about their health!"

Bria Macleod

MRI Technologist

"I enjoy helping make preventative MRI and the ability to catch diseases early more widely available."

Keith Wann

MRI Technologist

"It's great to build products that help people. We reduce pain & save lives with early detection."


Machine Learning Scientist

"The world needs people who save lives."

Michael Pretz

Engineering Manager

"Prenuvo is about helping people. Making a difference in peoples' lives drives me every single day."

Wayne Picker

Operations Manager

"Our greatest legacy for our children is to empower them to become the best advocates for themselves."

Elina Maatta

Sales and Success Manager

"I love helping people live their best lives through proactive and informed health decisions."

Dave Kelly

Head of Product

"Empowering radiologists to provide the best service possible drives me."

Lucas Porto

Machine Learning Engineer

"At Prenuvo I am inspired by seeing firsthand how impactful we can be on people’s lives."

Amy Chambers

Lead MRI Technologist

"I am extatic to contribute to ‘happy medicine’. We find issues before they become major problems."

Milad Akbari

Senior MRI Technologist

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! I am thrilled to expand proactive health tech."

Kim Halbert

MRI Technologist

"I've made a career in healhcare and helping people catch disease as early as possible is a gift."

Sarah Barnes

MRI Technologist

"Catching a disease early in its tracks saves someone from more than the illness itself"

Bonita Choi

Software Engineer

"Healthcare is the basis of a healthy society. I'm happy to help Prenuvo to reach this goal!"

Slaviana Apolonova

Senior QA Engineer

"Our tech helps find disease more efficiently than ever. It's a privilege to be part of Prenuvo!"

Valentin Silva

Backend Software Engineer

"I never thought my work would help save lives. Is a really heartwarming sensation!"

Pawel Lewinski

Senior Software Engineer

"We make lives better with every scan and every day."

Alejandro Ortiz

Software Engineer

"I enjoy being part of a team that has a direct impact on our patient's health."

Gavin Maguire

Product Designer

Careers at Prenuvo

Our team is growing and we’re always looking for people who are passionate about preventative health. Learn more about our open positions and apply now.

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Can you tell me more about the Chief Radiologist at Prenuvo?

Dr. Attariwala, MD, Ph.D. is a dual board-certified radiologist and nuclear medicine physician who is certified in both Canada and the United States. Dr. Attariwala has given numerous presentations at international conferences and is very active in the whole body MRI community. He received his formal training at UBC, along with specialized medical training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York), UCLA, and USC. Dr. Attariwala also holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL).

Do I need a referral?

Yes. You must have a referral to have a Prenuvo scan. If you require, we can arrange a referral from an independent medical practitioner at no cost to you. It may seem like an unnecessary requirement, but it exists to look after you in the event there is a serious medical finding. A medical practitioner can assist you in understanding and contextualizing any finding.

Does your clinic provide referrals to top specialists and doctors locally and abroad?

We can provide you with some recommendations of specialists who we have previously worked with. Unfortunately, we cannot refer you to a specialist directly. However, we want to collaborate with any of the medical professionals you have and would be happy to work with your doctor to make sure that you are taken care of.

Does your clinic retain a copy of the scans and/or store that information?

We follow federal and state/provincial specific legislation for each clinic regarding redention of medical records.

How do your company and the clinic manage any and all information gathered from your clients and or patients?

We are very protective of your information. We strive to be at the forefront of compliance for the security of patient information and adhere to privacy regulations and legislation in the jurisdictions we operate. The confidential information which we store is accessible only by a small number of staff who must have a reason to access the information. Any staff access to patient-identifiable data is logged and stored by the company.

What is your clinic’s policy on the protection of privacy for your clients and the person receiving the scans?

Our patient’s privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. We comply with privacy regulations and legislation in the jurisdictions we operate.

Who interprets and reports Prenuvo scans?

A Radiologist (physician specially trained in MRI and other radiology examinations, such as X-ray, CT and ultrasound). Radiologists at Prenuvo are certified and licensed in the state or province where the Prenuvo Scan was conducted and have been specially trained in reading the Prenuvo scan.

Who interprets my images?

A Radiologist (physician specially trained in MRI and other radiology examinations, such as X-ray, CT and ultrasound). Radiologists at Prenuvo are certified and licensed in the state or province where the Prenuvo Scan was conducted and have been specially trained in reading the Prenuvo scan.


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While it may not be apparent upon first glance, there is in fact a gender health gap - men are dying younger than women. On average, men are dying 5 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons.

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